Designing And Explaining The Patterns Of Antecedents And Consequences Of Organizational Virtue In The Social Security Insurance Organization Of East Azerbaijan Province

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Hassan Bihamta , Jafar Beikzad , Mohammad Ali Mojallal Chobooglo , Rahim Abdollahfam


Organizational virtue is one of the new organizational concepts that is rooted from optimistic psychology. Studying in this field includes outstanding behaviors in the organization that leads to positive outcomes. The basic aim of this study is decorating and describing the pattern of antecedents and consequences of organizational virtue in the Social Security Organization of East Azerbaijan Province.

Analysis method: As the present study follows "combined exploratory research", therefore, initially the focus group qualitative research method was conducted in the form of semi-structured interviews with specialists and academic experts (eight-member group) in three one-and-a-half-hour interview sessions and obtained data from interviews and literature were analyzed by thematic analysis method. Then, the model was made by a researcher-made questionnaire and a sample of 285 employees of the Social Security Organization of East Azerbaijan Province was tested using the quantitative research method of structural equation modeling with Lisrel 8.8 software.

Results: According to the focus group interview and literature of research and exploratory factor analysis, the three main factors affecting organizational virtue including organizational factor (structure and process; organizational culture; leadership; organizational philosophy), individual factor (individual characteristics of employees, personal characteristics of managers) and environmental factor (Socio-economic factor; legal factor) was identified. After testing the conceptual model, all antecedents and posteriors had a suitable factor load and the model was approved. Also, by examining the test results of structural equations, the organizational factor had a higher path coefficient (0.74), therefore has the greatest impact on the virtuous organization.

Conclusion: Considering that the organizational factor has been the main factor in organizational virtue. Organizations must be careful in hiring virtuous people, and because these virtues can be cultivated, it is very significant to train and institutionalize the space in these values and virtues throughout the staff.

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