Self-Compassion And Its Relationship To Psychological Happiness Among Widowed Men In Karak Governorate In Jordan

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Dr. Fatima Abd Al Raheem Al Nawayseh


The study aimed to identify self-compassion and its relationship to psychological happiness among widowed men in Jordan. The sample consisted of (140) widowed men, the measures of self-compassion and psychological help were applied. The results showed that the level of self-compassion among the sample members was low, so the average as a whole was (2.31).                                                             

The level of psychological happiness was also low, reaching (2.24), and the results showed the existence of a positive (direct) connection linking self-compassion with psychological happiness among widows, and the presence of differences in the arithmetic means as well as standard deviations related to psychological happiness among widowed spouses according to age and number of widow years, where psychological happiness decreases with the increase in age and with the increase in the number of years of widowhood. The results, moreover, reflected that there are obvious differences in the averages of self-compassion among widows according to age and number of years of widowhood. Self-compassion decreases with increasing age and increases with the number of years of widowhood. The study came out with some recommendations, including: including some concepts such as self-compassion and psychological happiness in family counseling (for married couples) and addressing other variables to link them with empathy, such as reducing stress and low self-esteem.                                                    

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