Impact Of Social Media On Changing Consumer Behaviour In Daily Essentials During Post Covid Era: Influential Factors In Online Advertising

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Pankaj Kumar Singh & Aanchal Trehan


As the role played by social media is quite remarkable in this day and age,the study here as a whole enquires the factors responsible for changing consumer behaviors in the Covid-19 era under the influence of social media usage. The study is quantitative in nature where a total of 200 responses are gathered using a structured questionnaire. The analysis is done using t-tests, ANOVA, PCA and Regression analysis. The study pointed out three major aspects that are found to cause an impact on the purchase of daily essential goods during the pandemic. These three factors are highlighted in the form of Pricing Value, Convenience of Purchase and Hygienic and Safety. These three factors are seen to generate two significant regression models showing its impact upon the consumers regarding their perception about using social media for the purchasing of daily essential goods and the role played by advertisement in the process. The study focuses on the changing consumer behaviour with respect to the purchase of daily essential goods during the pandemic.

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