Rights And Inclusion Of Pregnant And Breastfeeding Women In Ecuadorian Universities

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José Luis Maldonado Cando , Salomón Montecé Giler , Johanna Rocio Cabrera Granda , Silvia Aracely Gallo Gavilanez


One of the most transcendental changes in women's lives is associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding since it makes them vulnerable during this time. The role of women as an integral and useful part of society, both in the domestic, labor, and educational spheres has been widely studied by intellectuals around the world. However, challenges associated with achieving similar performance for men and women are being identified daily. This purpose is limited by the social and traditional approach associated with the female gender and its state of gestation. The university, as part of society, also has to deal with these challenges to achieve inclusion. Therefore, the objective of the research was to know the perceived treatment of pregnant and lactating women at Uniandes University. To fulfill the proposed objective, theoretical methods such as synthetic analytical, inductive-deductive, historical-logical, and empirical methods such as interviews, observation, surveys, IADOV method, PESTEL, and AHP of Saaty were used. A low level of satisfaction was observed among the respondents, the possible causes were identified, hierarchized, and qualified for their solutions.

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