Measuring Online Brand Experience & it’s impact on Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty

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Mitesh Piyush Jadav, Dr. Naresh K. Patel


The authors of this article apply (Brakus J J, Schmitt B H and Zarantonello L, 2009) model of four brand dimensions and the impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty to the online brand Google to verify these findings. The authors conducted empirical research during July 2021 with 147 University students at Marwadi University, Rajkot, Gujarat, through an online questionnaire using Google Form®. The authors applied SEM & could only verify the model of (Brakus J J, Schmitt B H and Zarantonello L, 2009) partially with online brand. The findings concludes that online brand experience significantly influencing brand personality positively which in turns impact satisfaction & loyalty significantly. Hence, it can be said that brand personality plays an important mediating role. Online Brand Experience doesn’t have any significant impact on satisfaction & loyalty directly. Additional research is needed to further test the online brand experience model.

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