Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Employer Branding Attributes with regards to Existing and Potential Employees in Indian Organisations

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Dr. Nisha


Now a days, organisations are fighting vigorously to position themselves as distinctive employer with unique set of benefits and attributes to motivate the talented potential employees to join the company and existing employees to retain in the company. Today, organisations are differentiating themselves from their rivals not only on their products and services, but also as an attractive employer for both job seekers as well as existing employees. Some transformational changes like product-based to knowledge-based economies, economic integration, sociological trend, pressure for innovations and increasing mobility have forced the organisations to be the part of war for talent and to attract the most competent employees. As competition in the labour market is increasing companies are now focusing on more innovative strategies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. But companies cannot go isolated while making strategies related to attraction and retention of employees, while making strategies related to attraction and retention a company must try to know the viewpoints of its existing and potential employees about the attributes which makes its more attractive in the eyes of both. So, the present study is undertaken to identify and confirms the attributes which makes a company more attractive from the perspective of both existing as well as potential employees and helps the company to increase its employer brand.

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