The Catalytic Role of Perceived Psychological Safety on the Relationship Between ‘Support from Supervisor’ and ‘Workplace Loneliness’

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Dr. Shabnam Siddiqui , Ankur Sangwan


The perception of psychological safety is shaped by the reactions of other employees in the positive proactive behaviors of the employees at the workplace. It can be said that the level of psychological safety perception is low when other employees react negatively to the constructive suggestions and feedbacks of the employees. Research has also shown that the perception of psychological safety is based on interpersonal trust. In this study, the mediating role of the perception of psychological safety on the relationship between the support from supervisor and workplace loneliness was examined. The support from supervisor is the belief of the employees in the workplace that their expectations from the supervisors can be realized. Workplace loneliness is defined as the inability of employees to have a relationship in the quality and quantity they desire. 170 nurses working in the National Capital Region of India constitute the sample of the study. The data collected by the face-to-face survey method were analyzed with the SPSS 21 application. When the results are examined, it has been observed that the perception of psychological safety has a full mediator effect on the relationship between support from the supervisors and workplace loneliness.

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