Prospects And Challenges In The Integration Of Process-Based Learning (Animated Cartoon) Into Post-Primary Educational System In Developing Africa

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Kayode Ayodeji Kunle , Uche Nwaozuzu


The need for alternative learning pedagogies to improve students' educational achievements at post-primary levels in developing countries inspired this article. Due to the lack of a global policy framework, process-based learning faces significant implementation challenges. This paper investigates the numerous benefits of a blended learning system, specifically animated cartoons, as an alternative learning tool for students. The cognitive theory of multimedia learning and the technology acceptance model are the preferred theoretical frameworks for this study. This article identifies two challenges as factors limiting the integration of blended learning systems in third world countries: difficulties associated with study conditions and difficulties associated with the teacher's personality. Successful implementation of blended learning technology is only possible if the two groups of problems are solved. Underestimating any of the listed groups of factors will make it difficult to achieve the desired results.

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