The Role Of Marketing Vigilance In Crisis Management

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Dr. Abdulsalam Ali Al-Noori , Ahmed Abdulsattar Al-Janabi


The research aims to diagnose the role of marketing vigilance as an influential variable in crisis management as a response variable in private hospitals in Anbar province as a research community, the researcher adopted the analytical descriptive approach, and applied it to a deliberate sample of (81) leaders in these hospitals, and adopted the questionnaire as a key tool for collecting data related to the practical aspect, as well as field visits that strengthened Data collection process processed and analyzed using statistics tools (Alpha Cronbach test, proxy working analysis, percentages, computational medium, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, natural distribution test, Pearson correlation coefficient, multiple linear regression model) through programs (SPSS V.23) and (AMOS V.23) to reach the results of the research hypothesis test.

The research found a range of results, the most important of which is (the existence of relationships and positive moral impact of the change in marketing vigilance in crisis management in its dimensions in researched hospitals)

In light of the findings of the research, a number of recommendations were made, the most important of which was the need to invest in the positive impact of marketing vigilance in private sector hospitals in Anbar province, thereby enhancing their performance by providing the necessary information to manage current and future crises.

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