The Impact Of Street Food Tourism Routes To Promote Tourism On Consumer Purchasing Decision Trends On Consumer Consumption Trips In The Northern Bangkok Area

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Suwaree Yodchim and Atidtaya Bousri


The study Street food tourism route design to promote world-class tourism in the northern Bangkok aims to study 1) To create a street food tourism route in the northern Bangkok area. 2) To study the purchasing decision trend of consumers in the northern Bangkok area and 3) to search for Baseline Data of street food tourism routes in the Northern Bangkok area.

The research was mixed research between quantitative and qualitative research by using research tools, namely questionnaires and interview forms, to collect data from 300 food consumers and 30 restaurant operators in the Sai Mai, Bangkhen and Don Muang districts. The quantitative data were then analyzed by statistics, percentage, mean, standard deviation. The qualitative analyzing the content and using imagery according to the research objectives.

The results showed that Street food tourism routes in the Northern Bangkok and Baseline Data 3 routes (1) the Sai Mai consisting of Red Racha, Rad Na Sai Mai, Sai Mai Chaew Hon Nong Khai Restaurant, Saimai Kitchen, Khao Tom Pla Restaurant 164, Jae Ads Porridge Restaurant, Pork Blood Soup, fish porridge, Nai O's spotted knifefish fish balls, Song Ped Palo, Lim Sang Chicken Rice, and Phak Wan Noodle. (2) Songprapha route consists of Tee Khor Sor Bor Pork Blood Soup, Jae Im Boran Noodle, Line Sen Restaurant, Seng Yentafo Restaurant, Fish Porridge, Stewed pork leg on rice, Pae Tee Phochana, Pen Tor Chicken Noodle , Ab Saap Restaurant, Mabuba Halal Food, Mae Sommai, Chicken Rice, Pad Thai, Fried Clams, and Ayutthaya Boat Noodle and (3) Lat Pla Khao route, consisting of stewed chicken noodle (Mae Kim recipe), Udon Vietnamese noodle. Steak Dek Naew, Pad Thai-Fried Clams Km.2, Napat Kuicheai, Hue City Kitchen, Steam pork Lat Pla Khao 62 Noodle, Rad Na Yot Phak Km.2 and dry porridge. The trend of consumer purchasing decisions on consumer travel in the Northern Bangkok area. The overall was at a high level (  = 4.14, SD= .821). It was found that the majority was the product aspect (  = 4.23, SD= .785), followed by the price (  = 4.17, SD= .812) and physical aspects (  = 4.17, SD= .798) and the last one is marketing promotion (  = 4.04, SD = .810).

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