Study On Preschool Physical Education Teacher Training Based On One Investigation In China

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Wang Nina , Wang Qinglei


The study aims to compare the mode and systems of training for preschool physical education teachers in China and other countries. The study’s rationale is to identify the training and its impact on the teacher’s perspective. The regulators and institutions make the preschool PE teachers’ training policies, while the research is not done to understand the preschool PE teachers’ perceptions. The literature shows that there are several types of research done on the topic that shows the different policies adopted by the insertions around the world. The researcher has selected the comprising quantities methods to analyse the data. The questionnaire has been distributed among the preschool PE teachers. It is found from the study that there is policy difference as the preschool teachers need to be trained according to the generic standards. But there are no specific professional standards for preschool PE teachers. So, there is a major difference in the policies of the countries to trading the preschool PE teachers. However, the study’s limitation as more teachers could not be included in the research due to Covid-19. Even then, the research has achieved its aims and objectives to present the compare and contrasts between modes and training policies among China and other countries.

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