Physical And Sexual Abuses Faced By Students – Empirical Study In Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu

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Vanathi Selvaraj , Dr. Suriyan Karuppiah


Abuses faced during childhood, and against women, proliferated as human tragedy, may led to lifelong adverse economic, social and health issues consequences to victims. The study concerns to explore descriptive and empirical study, aimed to elucidate the prevalence of physical, emotional and sexual abusive-experiences among high-school students, of Cuddalore district. Physical and emotional abuses, perpetrators, frequency distribution of respondents with respect to various socio-demographic factors are established. The Statistical analysis were performed using Anova and correlation tests. The understanding of physical abuse and emotional abuse victims, using quantitative approach were explored in the study. The data analysis, provides, significance of the study, how the prevalence of abusive acts have significance relation with socio-demographic details, self-esteem, academic stress and awareness level.

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