Psychological Climacteric Symptoms Toward Menopausal Problems Among Women

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Manisha D. Jamod


Menopause is associated with a loss of estrogens; estrogen has important neuro and psycho protective activities, thus its decline and/or instability may trigger or aggravate mental disorders including psychotic ones. The aim of the present study was investigated to Menopausal problems among women. The random sampling method was used in this study. Total sample consisted 200 women. 100 Outdoor working women and 100 Indoor working women. The sample was selected from Bhavnagar District. The research tool of Menopausal Problems scale developed by Tiwari & Sahoo (1971). In this research Menopausal Problems inventory was used for data collection. 2 x 2 factorial designs were planned where types of work and types of area were considered as independent variables and Menopausal Problems as dependent variables. Accordingly, 2 x 2 ANOVA was carried out to test the Hypothesis. The result revealed to There is significant difference between Menopausal Problems of Outdoor working women and Indoor working women. Second is there is no significant difference between Menopausal Problems of urban area and rural area women. And last there is significant interaction effect between Menopausal Problems of types of work and types of area.

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