The Poetry of Opposite Dualities in Ibn Nabatah's Egyptian Poetry

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Akil Rahim Karim, Mithak jasim thiab


The critical lesson was concerned with "oppository dualities ", as it represents a basic theme of poetic discourse as a linguistic system that is in direct contact with the recipient. The critics turned to the analysis of these antitheses, and their views differed on the methodological level and visions in this, so the subject of my study came; To monitor the poetic share of these dualities in Ibn Nabatah's Egyptian poetry , observing the evolutionary stages of the poet's poetic language through its evolutionary stages. Because his youth stage represented the real beginning of the poetic experience; What followed later in the developmental artistic stages were reflected in the characteristics of his poetic language.

We have been tempted to research opposing dualities because of the richness of this topic due to the controversy and fervor that exists in defining the poetry of opposing dualities in poetry. It is a thorny concept, because it is related to various knowledge and aspects of human life. Each poet has his own concept and position, which differs a lot, or a little from other poets, towards life, the universe, and human issues . In fact, each poem is different from the other in the same poet. Hence, the concept of the poetics of opposite dualities in poetry remains a relative concept different from different literary and critical premises and perceptions, some of them know it from its semantic, verbal, intellectual, psychological, structural, and so on source .

Proceeding from the foregoing, we first tried to define the title of the research accurately.  It is well known that each era has its own temporal specificity that is loaded with features that are specific to it and are unique to it through relations: “ religious, Social, cultural, political. ” Therefore, we chose Ibn Nabatah’s Egyptian poetry because it falls under the roof of the Ayyubid state and represents a type of literature in a close period of time and a spatial area of its product, which falls within the limits set for research, as the data comes in it suitable to establish the privacy of research and study to Determining the lattice of opposite pairs within the structure of the poetic text, As a textual space and a poetic theater for the events that follow a chronological order, they give the aesthetic function of the poetic text in general.

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