Psychological Endurance Of Middle School Principals

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Zainab Saad Dahi ; Prof. Dr. Abdul Kareem Atta Kareem


One of the common misconceptions is that psychology is interested in studying diseases, mental disorders and behavioral problems only. However, the truth is that psychology is mainly concerned with studying man in all his cases and helping him to live in a way that is more compatible with his life. Therefore, positive psychology’s interest in the strengths of individuals came to support them, which leads to To help individuals and immunize them against the pressures that lead to disturbances and affect the performance and behavior of individuals, and among the important supportive variables for individuals, we find the psychological endurance variable, which is a supportive aspect of the individual and resistant to pressure. Kobasa (1979) found in its exploratory study that people with psychological endurance were less sick despite being subjected to pressure, and they were more flexible, active, proactive and realistic, in contrast to those with less endurance, they were more sick, and higher in external control. (Al-Sayeh, 2021: 112). In light of the circumstances and challenges that we live in in our current era, managing schools is no longer an easy task, and because school principals are affected by the pressures they face in the school environment, the educational process, and the administrative procedures they perform, and this of course will affect their job performance. There are many factors that lead to increased pressures, including the assignment of principals With administrative responsibilities and duties, teaching some classes, the large number of students and other things, which leads to a lack of motivation and loss of creativity at work, which affects the correct performance of tasks and indifference at work (Al-Shayeb, 2016: 20). And because the great burden of the school’s implementation of its functions and duties falls on the head of the school, where he is expected to have skill, creativity and leadership to improve the educational process and develop it and develop the school to give it the appropriate character for the needs of the local community. (Kata’, 2020: 271) Hence, the endurance of myself as a concept consists of its three dimensions, namely commitment, control and challenge that interact with each other to give the individual the ability to perceive and evaluate the stimuli and events surrounding him, who possesses these characteristics can effectively and competently confront the requirements of the environment and its stressful effects. (Bayoumi, 2021: 36).

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