Perspective Benefits and Future of Social Media Marketing

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Dr. Ved Prakash, Archana Kumari, Ajay kumar, Dr. Satendar Singh


Understanding the possibilities and applications of the social media revolution and its application in marketing has attracted the attention of marketing scholars and practitioners. The usage of the internet as well as social media has transformed both how businesses operate and the consumer behaviour. Organisations now have a lot of prospective opportunities thanks to social and digital marketing, which lowers expenses, raises brand recognition, and boosts sales. However, there are serious issues with poor internet, word-of-mouth and unwanted, obtrusive brand presence. The collective insight on the topics pertaining to social media and marketing is reviewed in this paper. In light of the significance of social media marketing, this paper makes an effort to analyse the most recent researches on the subject, including its uses for businesses as well as its advantages and best - practices.

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