Consumer Behavior with Single-Use Plastic Bags in a Government Campaign

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Dr. Nak Gulid, Dr. Supinya Yansomboon


The aims of this research are to a) study the impact of attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control on consumer intention to reduce the use of plastic bags, and b) examine the moderating effect of gender on the formulated relationships. We conducted a survey of four hundred Bangkok residents. The structural equation model (SEM) is employed to test the hypotheses in this study. The result showed that perceived behavioral control had the highest impact on consumer intention and behavior, followed by consumer attitude and subjective norm. Gender had a moderating effect on the hypothesized relationships. Attitude and perceived behavioral control had a stronger impact on intention to reduce the plastic bags for female than male groups. Moreover, intention had a stronger impact on consumer behavior concerning single-use plastic bags for female than male groups.

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