An Effect Of Organizational Culture And Job Satisfaction On Employee Performance At The Cleaning Office

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Hendry, Cut Fitri Rostina


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of organizational culture and job satisfaction on employee performance at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, North Sumatra Regional Office. The research approach used is an associative approach with data collection methods using survey techniques through interviews, documentation studies and questionnaires. The measurement of variable data was carried out using a Likert scale with an assessment interval between a score of 1-5, where a score of 1 indicates the perception of strongly disagree while a score of 5 indicates the perception of strongly agree. The sample in this study were employees who were in the finance and personnel department. In this study, the entire population of 34 people was used as a sample. The data analysis technique used to determine the relationship between variables is multiple linear regression analysis, classical assumptions, T test (partial test), F test (simultaneous), coefficient of determination with the help of SPSS (Statistical Product and Service) software. The findings of this study are: 1. Organizational culture variables have an effect on performance; 2. Job satisfaction variable has no effect on performance; 3. Variables of organizational culture and job satisfaction have an effect on performance.

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