Effectiveness of using online learning system (spada) teacher certification program in positions of computer engineering and information engineering of UNM

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Abdul Muis Mappalotteng , Purnamawati , Ardi


This study aims to determine the level of effectiveness of using the LMS Online Learning System (SPADA) for the Teacher Certification Program In Position (PPG Daljab) Program for Computer and Informatics Engineering (TKI) of  Universitas Negeri Makassar (UNM) in 2020, as a learning medium for PPG Daljab students based on respondents' responses. This is descriptive research with a survey approach. The population in this study were 49 students of PPG Daljab in the Field of Study for TKI UNM Batch 1 of 2020. The sampling technique is a saturated sampling technique. Analysis of the data used is descriptive statistical analysis of percentages. The results show that the supporting aspects of the level of effectiveness with the highest percentage of effectiveness achievement are aspects of learning motivation (87.79%), followed by aspects of learning activities for lecturers and students (87.27%), aspects of material presentation/exercise ( 83.08%), and the accessibility aspects of SPADA LMS features (81.87%) which are categorized as very effective. Meanwhile, the aspect of the carrying capacity of online facilities (74.34%) and the aspect of time efficiency (72.42%) are categorized as quite effective. So that the average percentage achievement of the effectiveness of using SPADA LMS is 81.13% with a range of effectiveness values in the range of 3.2 so the results are declared very effective. As for the recap of the value of students' understanding of the material presented in the SPADA LMS, the value of pedagogic material is 91.232 and the value of the field of study material is 93.013. The results of the achievement of the effectiveness of the SPADA LMS can be used as an evaluation material regarding the accessibility of using SPADA LMS features on PPG Daljab in the coming year.

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