Global Economy and the Problems of Unemployment

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Afrim Loku, Nadire Loku


The goal of this paper is to view the relation between economic and non-economic globalization which follows the new computer technology (particularly automation) and, on the other hand, the dark future for workers in all segments of the economy.
Improved technology provides final product for shorter period of time and costs less per produced unit, thus leading to lower price of cost, lower level for manual engagement of a worker and therefore lower number of employees. We directly present goals that will help the competition start innovations, raise production and lower prices in order to attract customers.
Division of the labor permits (specialization) raises productivity and lower prices.
The larger the unit of production is, the higher the division of the labor and the higher the specialization is, which results in higher use, lower price of costs and gives opportunity for manipulation in gaining differences of marketing production prices and adequate profit for the companies.
The subject for review here is the implementation and application of the newest researches by the multinational companies - each of them separately according to its business activity. This concrete case presents the development of artificial intelligence, joining the computer and biotechnology, introducing new genes, manipulation with molecules, division of the genes, Genetic Engineering that will imply and direct development of the huge multinational companies giving rise to high level of automation and thus they will need small number of workers. More detailed analysis is made through the chart of huge corporation in the domain of service sector, such as banking, insurance, transport, freight forwarding, which have succeeded to lower the number of employees and at the same time to save their profits as a result of reduced number of salaries for the employees and reduced possibilities for new employment opportunities. Due to this, they convert and invest that amount of money in robotics in order to be more sophisticated and to have higher export and lower import.

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