Study of acceptance level of love-based human characteristics and love-based society from the perspective of students of Tehran universities

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Mehrdad Nazeri, Hossein Abolhassan Tanhaei, Abdolreza Adhami


One of the most important topics in the third millennium is the problem of love which can be discussed from different aspects. In this regard, the objective of the present study is to survey a new mentality of love. This study investigates the characteristics of a love-based human and a love-based society. The method of the present study is descriptive-survey and the researcher used a single sample t-test. In this study, the collected data has been analyzed by descriptive statistical tests and inferential statistics, but the significant point is that the main indicators of this study have been obtained from a qualitative research by profound interviews with elites about love. At this stage, Tehran University students declared their levels of belief in these categories. Findings show that in connection with the characteristics of a love-based human, including: sense of responsibility, freedom, courage, feel safe, happiness, peace, hope, creativity, transparency, discipline, art, intimacy, interaction of intellect and felling, spirituality of presence, sacrifice, patience and forgiveness with 99% probability from the respondent’s standpoint in this research, the score of love-based human characteristics was higher than the average.

The results show that according to the components and categories of love-based human and love-based society, many contradiction and conflicts can be respond in society and the path of Iran’s development in furtherance the dimension and characteristics of these two indicators will be ascertained.

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