The Effect Of A Proposed Training Program Using Weights To Improve The Muscular Strength Of The Lower Part And The Back Kick Skill Of Jumping For Kickboxing Players

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Dr. Ibrahim Mohammad Harafsheh , Dr. Omar Mustafa Al-Omer , Dr. Alaa Khairi Abu Aloyoun , Dr. Qutaiba Ahmad qasim alharahsheh , Dr.Ahmad abed alwahab mhamad akour


This study aimed at identifying The effect of a proposed training program using weights to improve the muscular strength of the lower part and the back kick skill of jumping for kickboxing players. The sample of the study consisted of (20) players who were chosen by purposive sample method from Tiger gym for Self-Defense, The Semi-Experimental technique was used as a research design. The sample of the study was divided into two groups each one had 10 players, control group that applies to the Conventional gym Program, where the Experimental group that applies the suggested Training Program. After the data collection process, descriptive statistics such as means and standard deviation, coefficient of variation, Pearson correlation coefficient, t-test and One Way MANCOVA and ANCOVA.

           The results of the study showed that the proposed Training Program exemplifies significant differences in the selected some variables (Explosive force of the lower part , Leg strength) , and skill performance among The sample of the study, where the experimental group improved better than the control group, The researchers recommends to adopt the suggested Training Program by increasing the training units to improve the performance of players.

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