Ludic programs and their application in reading: A systematic review

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Nila Magdalena Marcelo Rojas, María Rosario Palomino Tarazona, Juan De La Cruz Mamani Apaza, Silvia Del Pilar Alza Salvatierra, Robert Julio Contreras Rivera


In this research article, a systematic review of different bibliographic sources that have interactive reading, playful programs, and reading comprehension as research variables was carried out. The main objective of the article is to compile, expose and analyze these sources or evidences, so that future researchers can find theoretical diversity for the research variables, also they can easily find the diversity of playful reading programs that are under study and pre-application to promote reading comprehension in both children and adults and expose the different technologies or pedagogies used by these programs. A rigorous source search was carried out in Scopus, inclusion, and exclusion criteria were applied, and finally, 23 sources were considered for the present review. A general and also detailed analysis was made, in which each source was analyzed and relevant concepts could be extracted, which were included in the first subsection of results, then sources describing case examples of interactive programs in children and adults were found, which were included in the second subsection, and finally, theories and conclusions were presented as a discussion.

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