The Agricultural Soil Fertility and Yield of Mung Bean Improved as Addition of Lime, Chicken Manure and Rhizobium Inoculation

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Le Ngoc Tuan , Nguyen Van Chuong


The objective of this study was to determine effects of lime, chicken manure and Rhizobium on the soil fertility, yield and quality of mung bean cultivated on the Arsenic polluted soil and irrigation. The field experiment was conducted at the in An Phu town, An Giang province from March to Jun of 2022. The experiment was laid out in a split plot design with four treatments and four replicates. The MB1 included 40 kg N-60 kgP-60kgK per ha (control); MB2 (NPK + 1.5 t CaCO3 ha-1 cum Rhizobium); ); MB3(NPK + 10 t chicken manure ha-1 cum Rhizobium); MB4 (NPK + 1.5 t CaCO3 ha-1 + 10 t chicken manure ha-1 cum Rhizobium). The results showed that growth attributes, yield and Arsenic uptake were significantly affected by the addition of lime, chicken manure and Rhizobium. Co-application of 1.5 t CaCO3/ha combined with 10 t chicken manure / ha and Rhizobium inoculum (108 CFU/g) raised soil fertility and lessened Arsenic uptake of mung bean (55.1%) in seeds compared with only NPK application. The dry yield of mung bean seeds increased by 23.4% over compared with the control treatment. The maximum yield constituents and the minimum As uptake of mung bean obtained at the mixture treatment of NPK + lime + chicken manure and Rhizobia inoculation. From above results, the addition of lime, chicken manure associated with Rhizobium inoculum is the best method to raise soil fertility, quality and yield of mung bean.

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