The Clash Of Culture In The Literary Works Of Toni Morrison An Analysis: With Reference To The Novel The Bluest Eyes

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Dr. Haider Ibrahim Khalil , Dr. Jihad Jaafar Waham , Dr. Basim Khudhair Sabr


From 1950 to late 70s, the situation of Afro-American people in USA was not very good rather it was worst. The black people were having their own culture and heritage to be preserved but they were suppressed to follow the social norms as stated by the whites. As a matter of fact it was not easy for them to do so but then again in order to ensure their own survival and hope of good days, kept the system running. Toni Morrison considered this situation as an alarming one and wrote the novel The Bluest Eyes. For the readers it was just a novel but for the people who could understand it was like a historical proof of events that actually happened. The novel states the life and issues of black people in terms of a character named as Pecola, she faced a number of tragedies in her life, even her father raped her. This was something that normally do not happen with other people. The author tried to represent the state of black people from the prospect of this character and any reader can feel the pain and suffering of black people in that time period. This present evaluation of Morrison’s literature will present a better insight of events that had happened and also the situation wise analysis of the same for better understanding and related options.

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