Examination of Extradition Applications in Criminal Law Enforcement Efforts in Indonesia

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I Gde Eka Haryana


The purpose of the study is to know examination of extradition applications in criminal law enforcement efforts in indonesia. One example of a case that occurred in Indonesia related to extradition and which is the object of research in this thesis is the decision Number 369/PID.SUS/2020/PT.DKI.JKT jo. No. 104/Pid.C.Extradition/2020/PN.Jkt.Sel with the name of the extradition defendant Gyu Min Lee alias Lee Gyu Min alias Lee Shiwoo. A person suspected of committing a crime in a country may flee to another country, including Indonesia. In order to take legal action against criminals who have fled to other countries, it is necessary to have cooperation between countries for the surrender of criminals, which is known as extradition. The request for extradition from the government of another country to the Government of the State of Indonesia does not always have to be granted, but it is necessary to carry out several examinations to determine whether or not the person can be extradited to the requesting country. Although there are already laws and regulations governing extradition, there are still many things that have not been clearly regulated regarding the process of examining extradition cases to the court so that they can hinder the process of examining the extradition respondent until there is a presidential decision on whether or not extradition can be carried out. against extradition terms

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