Awareness Of Female Students Of The College Of Education, University Of Najran, About Nutrients That Improve Immunity (To Combat The Emerging Corona Pandemic As A Model)

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Nagafa Rezk Abd Elgleel Abd Elnaby


The research aimed to reveal the reality of awareness of the female students of the College of Education, Najran University, about nutrients that improve immunity (to resist the emerging corona pandemic as a model), and the use of the qualitative approach in analyzing the data collected by conducting semi-standardized in-depth interviews with 30 students from the College of Education at Najran University who were randomly selected, and the results: The majority of participants have good knowledge of factors that improve immunity in general and that weaken it, as well as foods that weaken immunity, while it became clear that the nutritional awareness of students about nutrients that improve immunity is low and they need more support and nutritional awareness. They also have low knowledge of food sources of vitamins and minerals that enhance immunity and their nutritional alternatives, as well as the importance of these elements for immunity and the damages of their deficiency on the immune system. They also need more awareness about acquired immunity and how to improve it and the components of the immune system and its preservation.

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