Program Evaluation Aircraft Maintenance Training Organization On Aeronautical Engineering Diploma Study Program

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Bambang Wahyu Prio Primantoro , Thomas Suyatno , Suparno Eko Widodo


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the program of incorporating the Aircraft Maintenance Training Organization into the aeronautical engineering diploma study program and find out to what extent the application of the requirements and procedures at UNSURYA (Universitas Dirgantara Marshal Suryadarma) in supporting the establishment of D-3 AMTO UNSURYA which was recognized or approved by the Ministry of Transportation. RI and the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia. With a qualitative approach through evaluative methods and the CIPP model (context, input, process, product) using the methods of documentation, interviews, observations and questionnaires. From this study obtained results and conclusions regarding; (1) aspects of program needs, (2) aspects of program problems, (3) aspects of program objectives, (4) aspects of curriculum, (5) aspects of human resources, (6) aspects of budget, (7) aspects of facility planning, (8 ) Aspects of readiness, (9) aspects of establishment mechanisms, (10) aspects of barriers, (11) aspects of administrative standardization, and (12) aspects of competency standardization. The evaluation results show that there are still unfulfilled requirements in the implementation of AMTO at UNSURYA, thus hampering the process of granting AMTO establishment permits.

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