Assessment Of The Depression Symptoms Among Mothers Of Preemie At Al_Zahraa Teaching Hospital Of Gynecology And Obstetrics

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Astabrak Ali Naji Al- Hamoodi ; Duaa Abdul Hadi Fatlawi ; Mansour Abdullah ; Sura ibrahim Luaibi ; Kefah Zair Balat Alsaeedi ; Nariman Ali Shaker Al-Khalidi ; Huda Jwad Kadium


Preterm birth is a common state of delivery before the full term gestation. This state had a higher risks and impact on preemies, as well as psychological problems like depression, anxiety and stress on their mothers and families. The study aimed to assess the depression level among mothers who had a preterm baby and find out the relationship between the levels of depression with some demographic characteristics for mothers and their baby as a preemie.

A descriptive analytical study conducted during 1st March to 15th April (2022) in AlZahraa teaching hospital of gynecology and obstetrics at Al-Najaf province. The random sample included 60 mothers had at least one premature baby hospitalized in sterile or home preemie wards. The study used Beck's depression scale Arabic version to assess the levels of depression among mothers.

The study revealed about 65% of mothers aged were less than 30 years old and 78.3% of them as a house wife were job. There is significant relationship between the level of depression with job of mothers, type of labour and duration of preemie hospitalization.

The study concluded more than half of mothers had a low level of education and one third of them had a mild level of depression or able to get depressed. So that, the study recommended to support the mothers and their families by health facilities. In addition, to educated mothers about depression and how to deal with it.

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