Levels Of Depression And Self-Esteem In Students

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Eglantina Kraja Bardhi , Denis Celcima


Introduction: among the most worrying problems in recent years are low self-esteem, family and friends problems, anxiety, stress, and depression, which are taking on alarming proportions in students and young people in general.

Purpose: the study is a prediction, which focuses on analyzing and evaluating students' self-esteem and level of depression.

Methodology: the population is 332 students (13-15 years old) in high schools in the Gjakova region. The study describes the analysis, classification, and evaluation of the collected data by doing the analysis and real examination of the findings.

Results: in terms of gender there is no significant difference in self-esteem, while in depression there is a significant difference. The level of depression is higher in women (11.9) than in men (9.5). Economic status shows that students with employed fathers have lower depression (6.77) compared to those with unemployed fathers (10.80).

Conclusions: The level of depression and self-esteem and parental reflection affect students. A link has been found between economic status and emotional problems and student behavior. To prevent it, the psychological service in schools should function, and together with families and the community should be as close as possible to the problems of students.

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