"Work-Life Balance" Of Married Female Faculty Members In Technical Institutes Of Dehradun District Of Uttarakhand State In India

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Dr. Seema Bhakuni


The word "work-life" refers to a balance between one's personal and professional responsibilities. Equal quantities of time, effort, and energy are necessary for a woman's well-balanced existence. According to the results of this research, female employees have particular problems in achieving a good work-life balance. This research focuses on women's capacity to maintain a reasonable work-life balance and the degree of assistance their families can provide. This study also looks at how academic institutions try to strike a healthy balance between their personal and professional selves. Many technical institutions and universities in the Dehradun region were surveyed for this study's findings. This study is much easier for women to maintain a good work-life balance when their spouses, parents, and in-laws provide the essential support. Employee absenteeism, job turnover, or even health problems might result from a lack of balance between home and work life.

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