Efficacy Of Marketing Communications' Strategy (MCS): An Empirical Study

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Bader Ayed Al Qaied , Marzouq Al – Qeed , Ahmad Khraiwish , Belal Mahmoud AlWadi , Jassim Ahmad Al-Gasawneh


This research study addressed the impact of MCS on marketing communications efficacy (MCE) in different firms in UAE, and assumes that MCS correlate with MCE.The study comprises of two sections: theoretical framework and empirical analysis according to a primary data that have been gathered. The concept of marketing communications supposes that there are some variables such that strategy, and bidirectional communications that will have a positive impact on efficacy.The findings indicate that UAE firms' which design and implement a communication strategy have more effective marketing communications. Moreover, the development of this strategy was correlated with increased efficacy of marketing communications in their firms. Discussions of managerial implications along with directions for further research are also included.

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