Employee Engagement In Hospitals: A Study Of An IABased Approach Adopted By Select Organisations In Times Of Pandemic

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Steve Katanga Tshionza , Mr. Ihebuluche Fortune Chiugo , Dr. Daleep Parimoo , Mr. Adeyemi Muyiwa Atoki


The COVID-19 outbreak has subjected medical staff and their households to an unimaginable high-risk rate. The strain and losses triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak, with caregivers carrying the heaviest workloads, emotional fatigue, and the occupational danger of illness and an elevated risk of morbidity and death, have enormously disrupted the hospital industry across India and globally. Given the significant relationship between employee engagement and their willingness to stick with the organization regardless of the aforementioned working conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this study aimed to examine the relationship between cognitive activation of employee engagement as mediator and Information Architecture as a moderator  for employee retention in the hospital. The data collected from two groups of healthcare professionals: clinical clinical staff such as nursing staff, physicians, and specialists; and non-clinical staff such as HR managers, line managers, and workers were analysed both both manually and with the use of QDA Miner software. It was found that, while some of the motivations elements like sufficient resources for both psychological and physical health appeared to have a significant effects on employee engagement, the   psychological dedication between the  two groups of respondents appeared to vary significantly. There are two major contributions this study ought to make to the growing body of research on talent management. The first is to challenge the universality of the strategic HRM competency model in order to enhance staff engagement in this industry. And, the second is to provide implications and suggestions for the service industry in attempting to create policies and interventions that will enhance staff commitment to the organizational vision and mission.

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