Enhancement Of International Criminal Court’s Jurisdiction For Saving Uyghur Muslims: A Case Of “Effect Doctrine”

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“If one wants to witness one of the most pressing human rights violations on the face and at the same time the helplessness of the international community to address the same in front of an international tribunal is the Genocide of Uyghur Muslims in China. The petition filed before International Criminal Court against China, was rejected by the office of prosecutor for want of jurisdiction. Though a private tribunal in London held China guilty of international crimes, it lacks legal sanction against China. Hence, it is necessary that the reach of International Criminal Court is extended in the manner that the Non-State parties are forced to observe atleast the obligations which are erga omnes in nature. Therefore, in the present paper, I shall be using a doctrine which though predominantly used in Anti-competitive practices, its basic principles can still be used by ICC for enhancing its jurisdiction.” 

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