Analysis Of Policies And Regulations In Cases Of Bullying In The Educational Environment In The Context Of Sociology Of Law

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Wagianto , Irma Rachmawati Maruf , B.M.A.S. Anaconda Bangkara , Wiwi yuhaeni , Antono Damayanto


This paper analyzed policies on bullying cases that often occurred in the school environment and reviewed them in the context of sociological law. There have been many policy studies on cases of Bullying and other violence in the educational environment, but few have been related to the sociological and legal context. This is important considering that efforts to reduce Bullying must be understood from various perspectives, including social law. For this reason, we have conducted data searches in order to be able to answer other policy and regulatory issues related to Bullying in the educational environment. We conducted a virtual search of legal and regulatory literature sources and studies of school bullying. This discussion will certainly be interesting when the analysis related to these problems is carried out in a method that follows the study of law and sociology, such as an analysis involving a sociological and phenomenological approach in which an attempt to understand a phenomenal context from a large amount of data relating to legal issues and actions—bullying in the educational environment. Based on the results and discussion for the variables above, we can conclude that efforts to analyze policies and regulations for cases of Bullying in schools have resulted in, among other things, reducing Bullying among students, requiring school regulations that are combined with a socialization approach. To understand the dangers of Bullying, policymakers must be sensitive to the social conditions of society. Furthermore, to ensure open leadership and communication for reporting bullying cases, the school board takes a way to raise school community awareness with an anti-bullying program. The policy must be student-awareness of the school community of bullying prevention law.

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