Green Innovation Practice For Organizational Performance And Sustainable Development

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Dr. Shakti Awasthi , Kaushik Samanta FICS , Dr. B. Prathyusha , Fazeen Rasheed A K , Dr. Amol Murgai , Dr Savita Yadav


Many companies all over the globe are adopting environmental management techniques that incorporate all types of green solutions as part of their present efforts to ensure survival and sustainability. While some common tools and knowledge may be used to monitor, track, and assess these green components in a linked element, they are usually managed on a piecemeal basis and under multiple management standards; and they are most typically managed as ad-hoc initiatives rather than programmes. To date, two primary stakeholders—management and customers—have exerted pressure on the company to implement sustainability measures. As a case study, this concept paper examines one organization's use of green management and sustainable green practises. It asserts that management has a responsibility to play in reducing negative sustainability consequences. Two theoretical lenses were offered to provide significance to the study, however further research is needed to back up the conclusions of this work.

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