A Pragmatic Analysis of Audience Demands Strategies in Selected Medical TV. Shows

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Maysoon Ali Hussein Al-Rubaye , Prof. Dr. Hashim Aliwy mohammed Alhusseini


Adapting any speech to a specific audience requires a high level of creativity since determining the target via exhaustive research is difficult. Hence, this current research aims at exploring the pragmatic strategies for audience demands that may be used by the speakers in selected episodes of the medical show "The Doctors." To achieve such aims, the researchers seek to answer the following questions: What are the pragmatic strategies used by the speakers in the medical show "The Doctors" with the aim of achieving the audience demands? What are the pragmatic strategies that score higher frequency to achieve the audience demands? What are the aim functions behind using the pragmatic strategies to potentially achieve the audience demands? In this regard, selected episodes from the medical show "The Doctors" are chosen to be analysed  based on an eclectic model  that focuses on identifying the presupposition triggers and cooperative principles or Grice maxims theory. The current study found that presupposition was used more frequently than non-observed cooperative principles.

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