Workplace Spirituality And Business Ideologies – A Study Of Corporate Oxymorons

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Richa Sinha , Dr. Anamika Pandey


Today in the globalized world, when our economy is escalating with intensifying competition and operational changes, the working ambience stimulates the cumulative demand of inculcating Workplace Spirituality and ideologies to ensure positivity and robust environment for both employer and employee. In the modern times the terminology ‘Workplace Spirituality, has acquired incredible connotative dimensions. It is emerging as a new business paradigm, one that is being touted as having the potential to cure organizations of the existing maladies. The manuscript will aim at defining an integrated relationship between workplace spirituality and business ideologies. The article will also justify the proposition that ‘Spirituality’ is not just a corporate flavor, but has its roots in ancient Indian culture, where work and spirituality were never considered alienated from each other. The researcher will finally contend that spirituality in business is not an oxymoron, but that it being a powerful institution has the capacity to bring about a cataclysmic change in society. The paper will throw light on the origin of the word spirituality, foundations provided by Indian scriptures, relevance of the word spirituality in the business context and its potential benefits. The researcher will adopt the methodology of exploratory research where pervasive study of available secondary data will be done to draw satisfactory conclusions and recommendations.

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