An Empirical Analysis Of Key Determinants Affecting The Financial Performance Of Hdfc Life Insurance Company

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Liberalization and globalization paved way for many new ventures in various sectors throughout the country. Privatization of life insurance sector is one of the major contribution towards this. For more than forty years, LIC, the powerful monopoly ruled over the Indian life insurance industry. Entry of many private life insurance companies increased the insurance penetration. To be more competitive, every life insurance company should have a better financial performance. Financial performance can be analyzed by evaluating their financial statements and reports. On this context, this study tries to assess various key determinants which helps in analyzing the financial performance of selected life insurance company. Various ratios such as return on premium ratio, return on equity ratio, benefits paid ratio, operating expenses ratio, commission expenses ratio, current ratio, claims settlement ratio and solvency ratio, were taken into consideration to identify the company’s solvency position, profitability position, liquidity position, expenses management ability, claim management, etc., and how far the company performs financially well.

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