Review On Pseudomonas Fluorescens: A Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria

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Babita Sarkar , Chandan Kumar , Susovan Pasari , Bulbul Goswami , Ishika and Ashok Kumar Koshariya


Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) are a group of microorganisms that contributes to productivity through promotion of plant growth as well as triggering of induced systemic resistance (ISR). These group of bacteria are making an important contribution to biocontrol of pests and pathogens of plants by triggering defense of plant. Fluorescent Pseudomonas belongs to PGPR that plays a major role in the induced systemic resistance, biological control of pathogens and plant growth promotion as well. Antibiotics and Siderophores released by the bacteria suppress the phytopathogens could be of significant importance. Both mechanisms help in microbial antagonism and act as elicitor for induced resistance. These rhizobacteria might be useful in formulating new inoculants, offering an alternate of ecofriendly biological control plant diseases. In this review, the characteristics of P. fluorescens, plant-growth-promoting properties, mechanisms of plant growth promotion, and induction of systemic resistance against diseases, have been reviewed.

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