Narrative And Visual Identity Of Video Games In The Literature Of Uros Petrovic

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Dr. Ana Markovic


In this paper, the author endeavors to point out the ways in which one of the most popular Serbian writer for children, Uros Petrovic, to a large degree built his fiction according to the narrative and visual identity of the video games.

     Author also tries to prove that the most important fact that gives a multimedia character to the series of works about Martha Smart is its resemblance to the aesthetics of video games, that is, the kind of narrative that awakens an ambivalent desire in the reader: at the same time he strives to reach the goal, to overcome all obstacles to solve the puzzles, and on the other hand he wants to stay in the game world for as long as possible.       

     Based on numerous common characteristics of video games technique and narrative procedures and strategies used by Uros Petrovic in constructing texts about his heroine Martha Smart, and, above all, on the similarity of the position of the reader as an active participant of the narratives and the consumer of video games who is completely immersed in the world of video games, author has opinion that these facts give us the right to talk about the interaction of these two media - video games and narratives of Uros Petrovic.

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