Analysis Of Translation Problems Arising From Non- Equivalence At Word Level, Above Word Level, Grammatical Level, Textual Level, And Pragmatic Level Based On JK Rowling Manuscript Of “Harry Potter”

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Tatu Zakiyatun Nufus


Translation is considered as an activity to transfer meaning from source language to target language with the different technique, it is similar with the statement derived from Munday (2008:5) that the process of translation between two different languages involves changes from a text of the source text (SL) to Target language (TL) in both written and verbal. (Triastika, 2017.p.77) In this definition translator will be able to replace the material or the passage from the source language to target language to covey the meaning with different context and language.this study is qualitative approach which focus to analyze the translation problem that arise from non –equivalence at word level, above word level and grammatical level. And to gain this data, the researcher used JK Rowling manuscript to identify these translation problems, in addition to support the article, the researcher used descriptive analysis to describe and examine the context of JK Rowling.

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