Marital Adaptation Among Families Of Disabled Children At Ajloun Governorate In The Light Of Some Variables, The Type And The Degree Of The Child Disability

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Dr. Rabie Hamed Al-Zgool , Dr. Faisal Issa Abdel Qader Al-Nawasrah


This study aimed to disclose  the level of marital adaptation among Families of disabled children in light of some variables, the type and the degree of child disability in Ajloun Governorate, To achieve the purposes of the study, the researchers used the scale of the needs and fields of families of disabled children, which was built by Al-Sartawi and the Al-Shakhs (1998) to suit the families of disabled children in the Arab environment and was modified to suit theJordanian environment, The validity and reliability of this scale were found, the sample consisted of (54) families of children with disabilities who were selected availably intentional sample method.The results of the study showed that the level of availability of the needs and fields of families of disabled children atAjloun governorate ranged from medium to low ,theresults showed that  Families need financial support first, then psychological support, after that cognitive support, and finally community support.It was also found that there weren't any statistically significant differences at the level of significance (α≥0.05) at  the level of needs of families of children with disabilities regarding to the variables:  the gender, the age, the educational level of the family (father, mother), the type and the degree of disability, and the economic level of the family of the disabled child. The results were also discussed in the light of theoretical literature and previous studies, and some recommendations were suggested based on the results of the study.

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