An Analysis On Introduction Of Participation In The Field Of Budgeting

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Dr. Deepali Jain


Management studies, learn and analyse past data, experiences and makes decisions. These decisions would affect future operations. However, preparation of budget is part of organizational functions and it must be updated after regular period. A comprehensive budgetary system offers such yardsticks by which actual performance is measured against predetermined plan/targets and variances are identified for revision of future plans or taking corrective action, as the case may be.    The study analyses the introduction and impact of participative budget system on employee’s behaviour and human relations in budgeting system. The Paper Contains 4 sections. Section I Includes Introduction and Objectives. Section II Covers Structure of Budgeting. Section III Contains Introduction of Participation in Budgeting Process, Participation and Budget Cycle, and Impact of Human Relations in Budgeting System. Section IV contains Conclusion.

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