Decreased Patient Visits In The Chemotherapy Unit Of Bangil District Hospital In Pasuruan: An Observational Study

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Rahmat Aprillah D , Tatong Harijanto , Arma Roosalina


Chemotherapy is a systemic therapy method for systemic cancer and cancer with clinical or subclinical metastases. In locally advanced cancer, chemotherapy is often the only choice of effective therapeutic strategies. A preliminary study through the FGD found that the main problem in Bangil Hospital services was the lack of optimal chemotherapy superior services. In the initial research, we had an interview with chemotherapy services staff at Bangil Hospital. A significant decrease in visits was found in August and September 2019. The fact is that the chemotherapy unit services marketing is absolute for the Pasuruan Regency and surrounding areas. Given the absence of chemotherapy services other than in Bangil District Hospital in Pasuruan and surrounding districts (Pasuruan City, Probolinggo, Sidoarjo, and Mojokerto). This study aimed to identify the cause of the decrease in chemotherapy service visits at Bangil Regional Hospital. The research method is descriptive. The study lasted approximately two months, from August 12, 2019, to October 30, 2019. The primary data was obtained by conducting an unstructured interview with the management, namely to all heads of departments and all section heads, and one section head or coconut sub-section in each field and section. Unstructured interviews were also conducted with oncology consultant physicians. Room heads and two chemotherapy unit officers at Bangil Regional Hospital look for factors that influenced the decline in chemotherapy service visits at Bangil Regional Hospital. Secondary data was obtained by studying documents and observations. Observations were made regarding services in the chemotherapy unit at Bangil Regional Hospital. The FGD was conducted with chemotherapy and management unit staff to compile a holistic root problem analysis. We used Ishikawa’s fishbone diagram to find the main problems. From the results of determining the root of the situation through the FGD and Fish Bone method. The root cause of the problem is that there is no strategic plan for developing chemotherapy service units. It is recommended to include chemotherapy services in the Bangil Regional Hospital strategic plan.

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