The Implications Of Digital Transformation On Building Knowledge In Educational Institutions

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Hiba Riad Abd Al-Khaleq , Assistant Prof. Dr. Muna Haider abd Al-Jabbar


Currently, digital transformation is one of the important topics at the local and global level due to the large changes and transformations taking place in the external environment (globally - internationally - locally) that are reflected in the various political, economic, social, knowledge and technological development fields and the accompanying changes in the various policies and programs of existing institutions. Accordingly, this research came to cover the issue of digital transformation and knowledge building and by adopting the method of descriptive methodological analysis in the Ministry of Education and educational institutions in Baghdad. This research dealt with digital transformation as an independent variable according to two dimensions (digital awareness, digital acceptance) and adopted knowledge building as a dependent variable. This study aimed to identify the digital transformation and its reflection on building knowledge and to identify the roles played by educational institutions digitally, as well as discovering the difficulties that prevent improving knowledge building in educational institutions. The research adopted a set of statistical methods for analysis, and the results were extracted using the statistical program (spss.V24). A set of results were reached, the most important of which are: First, it was found through the results of the correlation analysis of educational institutions and through the results of the regression analysis that there is a correlation and impact between digital transformation and knowledge building, but in varying proportions, and secondly, the concept of digital transformation is one of the important concepts that can be applied in educational institutions of all its different kinds. Accordingly, the study presented a set of recommendations, as well as providing frameworks for future studies and proposals related to the topic of the current study. Among those recommendations is to give importance to the organizational structure as it is one of the most prominent elements of the internal environment of the institution. And the need to rely on working within a group (team work) and diversifying the skills of working individuals.

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