Implementation Of Cognitive Ability Of Counselors In Solving Learners' Problem Through The Process Of Counseling In Junior High School

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St Wardah Hanafie Das , Syakir Rady , Abd Halik , Mulia Hasna , Hariani Ilyas , Salmiati


The existence of teacher guidance and counseling in schools is needed role and function in providing support services to all learners which there are good schools that have not experienced problems or who are experiencing problems. Guidance and counseling are embodied in a program organized and planned at the level of education units included in junior high school. The existence of required professional counselors in schools is force adept at handling the various issues, so that the counselor to function as individual therapeutic means able to provide services demanded therapist from various problems students might face. This study aims to obtain a model of process step counseling that can be used in solving the problem better learners experiencing personal problems, family problems, social problems, and work problems. While the benefits of the future expected results of this study can improve the process step of counseling provided by counselors that are tailored to the progress and development needs of the students are getting more complex. The results of this study indicate that counselors provide services while still in the moderate category, cognitive ability is still low, so their needs have not been met, for the conditions experienced still enough. Description of relationship among the variables (cognitive ability, the level of needs, existing conditions) has the effect of providing counseling services. It shows that the regression coefficient value of b1 is -0,004. B2 is-0.047. B3 is-0,026. B4 is 0,217. The value of the constant "a" is 65,328. The level of significance of 0,010 is smaller than 0.05Results of the analysis of variance show that the value of count is 0,484. The significance level = 0,747 is higher than 0.05. Therefore, the proposed hypothesis is rejected. These variables are not significant

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