Human Resource Planning And Its Role In Supporting Career Advancement

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Dr. Amer Abed Kareem Al-Thabhawee , Dr. Majid Jabbar Ghazai Al-Fatlawe


Performing the work properly requires investigating the field of reality in a rapidly changing world in which knowledge and information flow in a staggering acceleration. Human resources planning is required and the organization determines its needs from the human resource quantitatively and qualitatively in a way that suits the work environment since human resource planning is considered an essential element of the administrative process It is the responsibility of effective management that seeks to achieve the goals of the organization efficiently and effectively. The researcher examined the role of human resources planning in supporting career advancement by focusing on the dimensions of planning related to demand forecasting and supply analysis and then work according to Employment strategies, and this is why the researcher conducted his study in the form of an analysis of the opinions of a number of workers in the men's clothing factory in Najaf, where the random sample was applied to (105) of workers in the laboratory where the questionnaire was used as a primary source to obtain data from the field reality, and has The results of the research reached a set of conclusions, the most prominent of which was the emergence of a large role for human resources planning in support of career advancement, and the research organization is clear indicators regarding its procedures in recruitment criteria and strategies according to the actual need and required specializations compared to other indicators and this leads to the most important just The recommendations that require commitment by the researched organization are what relate to the accuracy in selecting workers who have the appropriate skills and experience and that senior management has the courage to take decisions related to supporting the human energies that it aspires and sought by the work parties or stakeholders as it represents a major competitive challenge.

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