Employing the historical incident in the Iraqi theater discourse

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Intsar Hasan Enad , Dr. Zaid Thamer Abdul-Kadhim


The researcher divided the research into four chapters, the first chapter was concerned with (the methodological framework), which included the research problem focused on the following question: (How were historical incident employed in the Iraqi theatrical discourse? While the importance of the research was manifested as it sheds light on the theme of historical incident as one of the main topics In the structure of theatrical discourse, and the goal of the research was determined in identifying the employment of historical incident in the discourse of the Iraqi theater.
As for the limits of the research, the spatial limit was limited to the Iraqi theatrical performances in Baghdad and Babylon, and the time limit for the period from (2010-2019), and the objective limit included the study of the historical incident in the Iraqi theater discourse (Ghalib Al-Amidi as a model) and the first chapter concluded by defining the basic terms contained in the title of the research. As for the second chapter (theoretical framework and previous studies), it included three sections. The first topic dealt with the concept of the incident and its historical origin, while the second topic was concerned with a study: the historical incident in the international theatrical performance, and the third topic included: cognitive and theatrical references for writer and director Ghaleb Al-Amidi, The second chapter concluded with previous studies and the indicators that resulted from the theoretical framework.
As for the third chapter (research procedures), it included the research community, its samples, research method, its tool, and a number of models of theatrical performances were selected with the intention of identifying the employment of historical incident theatrical performances, while the fourth chapter dealt with (results and conclusions) reached by the researcher, The most important of them are:
1. The historical incident, with its symbols, in the play (makhrum 'am mahtum), formed a fertile ground in the fabric of the dramatic construction of events.
2. What was included in the theatrical discourse of the show ( makhrum 'am mahtum) of contemporary intellectual and political loads that are consistent with the injustice and abuse that man is subjected to.
3. The historical incident in the theatrical performance discourse included lessons and human and cognitive values.
4. The historical incident and their epic, dramatic construction depicted divine and human events and symbols, becoming an example for other nations to follow.

This chapter also included recommendations and suggestions, then proven sources, references and supplements, and concluded the research with a summary of the research in English.

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