Semantic and Rhetorical Persuasive Methods in Qassim Amin AlHajjaji Writings

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Dr. Samer Abbas Hussein


Qassim Amin (1863- 1908) is considered one of the most prominent social reformers in Egypt and the Arab world. In addition to the attacks and angry reactions he received against his ideas, he was able to influence the Egyptian society through the style of his writings, and fabricate radical changes in it, so it was necessary to pay attention to his persuasive argumentative discourse, and the language that formed his style of writing.
These argumentative writings belong to the social argument, and they deal with purely social issues. In it, the author came up with new reformist ideas that are different from, and in conflict with, the customs and traditions of society. Which made him resort to the use of arguments of various kinds to gain harmony and support of the recipients and be able to convince them mentally with these ideas, and the practical effect on their behavior. He comprehends more than the issue of women to which the author’s name is associated, especially issues of Arab society in general and Egyptian in particular, such as: education, unemployment and corruption in its various fields, and other topics that the author dealt with.

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